Wedding Makeup School Online

If you do Bridal makeup for all your close friends and family, it might be time to take your passion for makeup and turn it into a business.

Being a bridal makeup artist is something that you can turn into a career. Enrolling in a wedding makeup school online can be the best way for you to get the credentials and the training that you need to be taken seriously. This is a that can be the next step for you. It is time that you learned about some of the bridal makeup tips that are taught at wedding makeup school online:


The one thing that bridal makeup artists need to remember when they are doing bridal makeup looks is that long wear matters. Your bride is going to be wearing her look all day and night, this means that the products that you need to invest in for bridal makeup looks should be full coverage and offer long wear. It is also a good idea to make sure that the makeup products that you use are also waterproof. This is the only way that you can be sure that the brides will have a perfect makeup looks that lasts all night long.


One thing that you can’t go wrong with when you are applying bridal makeup is moisturizer. You want to make sure that you apply a generous amount of moisturizer to the face before you apply the foundation to ensure that all fine lines and wrinkles are masked. This is the only way that you can be sure that your bride has a makeup look that they adore and one that doesn’t tell their age. If you choose the right moisturizer, you can also be sure that the face does not look overly shiny in wedding photos.

Prime the Eye

The one area of makeup that will wear fast is the eye. This means that you need to apply primer to your eyelids before you begin doing your eye makeup. It does not matter if you are doing a dramatic cat eye or if you are only applying a small amount of eye colour, you should always use a primer on the eye when you are doing bridal makeup looks. This will keep the eye makeup from creasing and will keep it looking flawless for hours on end, which is what all brides want.